Master Control Room Account – Avgs to $10 per mo.




12 Month Master Control Room Account Contract

Using this Account You will have access to secure site  
Login and manage Uploads and Playlists.  

It’s a Playlist Management System for TVKNOB Called Master Control Room

Basically $10 bucks per month when paid annually.

* Playlist Management Systems Account Login
* Uplink Connector Ready
* Uploaders – Feature Video, Playlist, Large Files, Convertors & Tools
* Admin Partner Support (MYFNOW!)
* Social Media & Search Push (IPTVX)
* Partner Network (IPTVX)
* DNS – Domain Name Channel Control (MTFNOW!)
* CDN/HCDN Storage and DNS Public URL
* Self Hosted where Admin Partner Configures

Companion Account Features Below:

UBU Live Uplink Systems Account

*Live Uplink Connector
*Live Playlist Server – VBox, VPS, HCDN
* My Tech Farm Host Configuration Options

A. Client Controlled Domain Name Option
B. Client Controlled Channel CDN/HCDN Option
C, Other i.e., Godaddy, Other DNS, Gmail

UBU Live Uplink Connector & Options:

Live Uplink is provided by UBU Networks.

This is a Ingestion Input Point Connection

Uplink for your Live Broadcasting Uplink Device.